Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sites Everyone Should Have Bookmarked

(My poor cat Melon, who lacking the skills necessary to get on the internet just has to immitate a fuzzy pillow on the sofa during the long hot summer days)
That summer lethargy has settled in big time. Take the girl out of the comfort of hot dry heat and stick her into a humid sticky, my God you sweat like a frog country like Japan in August and you basically kill all initiative and desire for anything other than the spot directly in front of the fan.

So I pulled the fan over to the computer. Here are some good sites to whittle away the afternoons and still too hot and sticky evenings:

I Am Bored This is a great site for finding amusing, interesting and entertaining things and news.
Fund Free Mammograms Because even when you are bored you can still do some good.
Skrt A great place to find great stuff. Which is what you need when you are apathetic and bored, you need stimulating great stuff--check it out.

And finally, drum roll please and those of you who laugh are automatically invited to click on a link and get outta here: Because Mother Nature is gripping and it might help you make plans for real life in the real world. And it freaks people out on international calls when you casually drop in the conversation, "so what are you doing stuck inside with all the rain today?"

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Sarah said...

I am totally hooked on Wikipedia right now. I know it's not very original but I can look up ANYTHING on there which is making me afraid that soon the "wealth of information about Japan" that is my husband will become obselete. That will be a sad day.

Although Wikipedia gives up information without complaint so there's a point in it's favor!