Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"D" is for Daughters

Of which I have two. Doll-loving, doll-toting, dainty, delicate daughters with a flare for dress-ups, dancing and drama. Danger-loving, daring, Daddy's little girls who are difficult, determined, devious, dirt-lovin, and delightful. That render me dog-tired by the end of each day! Which I am today. So that is it for "D", I'm "done!"


Lily said...

I so look forward to reading your blog. I am glad Masa is okay. I didn't realize that was your hubbys name- whats it short for? Coincidently I married a Masa too. Other strange thing is I had no idea that your one daughters name is Reno until after Reo was born. I think you seldom, if ever mentioned your family members names until a few months ago. Interesting.
Anyways- my mother warned me when I misbehaved that I would end up with kids similar to myself and then I "would see"- She was right, oh goodness was she right. Makes me respect her more for what I made her put up with.
I do like the spunk your girls have!

coarse gold girl said...

You've caught me out! Read the bottom text on my blog "Why I Choose to Blog (Semi) Annonymously". . . names have been changed to protect the innocent!
You got a real Masa! I have always loved that name. Masa, Masahiro, Masahiko, Masa!

Laura (who really is, Laura)