Friday, August 28, 2009

16 Days In

I am a non-smoker. I have been a non-smoker for a total of 16 days now. I am no longer smoking two packs a day, as I was sixteen days ago.

Why did I quit?

Because I took my girls home to see their American grandparents--my Mom and Dad. My Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew that I smoked, so I had no choice but to go cold turkey. Plus the no smoking policy on international flights pretty much promotes smokers going cold turkey anyway.

Korean Air lines in-flight videos on the way there and the jet lag once we got there distracted me from the withdrawal symptoms and it all seemed almost too easy.

Then I stepped off the plane in Japan this past Monday--back home again. I lined up in a long que for FOREIGNERS whilst my husband and daughters skipped through one of the lines for JAPANESE. I dug out my iPod from my purse to entertain myself for the nearly hour wait I had in line. I was finger printed and photographed. My only subversive act was to refuse to smile (which, being Japanese, they probably appreciated) and I refused to talk (which, again, being Japanese they probably appreciated). But still, I am a smiley talkative American, so it was subversive behavior for ME.

So. Now, suddenly, sixteen days into being a non-smoker I am dying for a ciggy. Or maybe just one PACK.

However, second-hand smoke is not good for children, nor is it acceptable role modeling to be seen smoking by ones children. Therefore, I will NOT take up smoking again.

I just wish I could get my hands on some Xanax.


illahee said...

good luck!!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...


I've seen Nicorette-type gum in pharmacies here. Are there any other quit-smoking aids available where you are?

It totally sucks right now but it'll make such a huge impact on your health in the future. Keep it up.

Tigermama said...

AWESOME! You ARE a non-smoker! Keep saying that over and over and over. Congratulations! I'm glad you are back blogging...I've missed you! Hugs.

Nay said...

Good luck!!

Congratulations. Giving up cold turkey isn't something everyone can do!!

I'm gload you are back blogging too :)

Lily said...

I MISSED YOU! I was a bit worried and have come so close to digging up your phone # from our previous attempts to get together a couple of years ago but thought you would think I am a weirdo to suddenly call you and say "how ya doin?". Anyhow- that is fantastic you have quit smoking!

I hope you get back to your fantastic writing. Perhaps with fidgety fingers of wanting a cigarette could be put to use on the keyboard :)

Sheri said...

oooh-you're back!! Lovely to see you on here! Hope you continue to be a non-smoker!

L. said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay, you're back!

I noticed when we went through Narita that they now have a separate (shorter) line for "re-entry permit holders."

The best thing about those separate lines, for me, was the time I handed off three cranky Japanese passport-holding kids to my Japanese husband -- including a baby with a poopy diaper -- and blithely strolled over for a nice solitary wait with the other aliens.

Midori said...

YAY! Glad you are blogging again, have been wondering how life is treating you! :-)
Congrats on giving up smoking. I hear the first month is the hardest. You must be on month two now- how is it going?