Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hello First Post

So. . . this is my first post. I think I'll share my all time favorite quote: "I thought it. I said it. I wrote it. I read it. It's fact." from my best friend in college. Listed in her footnotes to her English term research paper.


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Best Friend/Sister:

You almost got it right: "I thought it, I said it, I wrote it, it's Fact." Close.... your version makes sense just as well. You know, I've been using that quote a lot lately myself....when one starts a new business alone, sometimes a person simply has to make up 'the rules' as they come up!

So, so glad that you are writing again. I've known since we were Badgers that you are, continue to be, and WILL be the greatest writer I've EVER known, or have had the pleasure of reading your work. Now that you have your own blog, you bet I'll be checking in EVERYDAY. Congratulations!!!!!

My best and most loving wishes to you and the family!!!!

Take care and KEEP WRITING!!

Blond Badger

Jeepie said...

Coarsegold Girl,
After some thought (whew, occasionally that in itself takes some thought)....I've decided that your versions of my term paper quote might just be right?!

Funny how things just are correct, my dear friend, rehearsal time is over: Okay, LIFE, let's GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!